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About Us

We rely on continuity and independence

We are a medium-sized and independent family business in the 4th generation with our headquarters in Schopfheim in the southern Black Forest. Thanks to the optimal location in terms of transport in the border triangle of France, Switzerland and Germany, we have a “location with short distances” within Europe. Pioneering technology, innovation and decades of experience have made us an important international partner in the field of paper tube production.



Five values that characterize us...

Think economically and use synergies

The optimal location in terms of transport in the border triangle of France, Switzerland and Germany means a “location with short distances” within Europe.

Karte Standorte Herbster Hülsen

What sets us apart

Our strength lies in close communication and personal contact with our business partners, reliability towards our customers and suppliers through our long-serving and experienced team, a comprehensive value chain with our in-house paper mill, and our commitment to minimizing our carbon footprint and resource consumption through responsible thinking and actions, along with various measures and investments. This defines who we are.

The own paper factory on your doorstep

The corporate group of HÜLSENFABRIK HERBSTER GMBH & CO.KG includes PAPIERFABRIK CARL LENZ GMBH & CO. KG, located in the neighboring municipality of Wehr. Through long-term and sustainable investments in the Schopfheim site as a production location for paper and cardboard cores, along with our own paper mill right next door, we demonstrate our commitment to the region. As a medium-sized family-owned business, HERBSTER HÜLSEN also keeps the perspective of future generations in mind.


Our daily interaction

We are characterized by a strong connection to our history, a focus on our customers and employees, and a commitment to sustainability.

Our employees are the cornerstone of our company and collective success.

We create a secure and long-term working environment characterized by respect, collaboration, and continuous learning.

Our customers are of utmost importance to us. Their satisfaction is our top priority.

We strive to manufacture high-quality cores and provide outstanding customer service. We attentively listen to their needs, work closely with them, and develop tailored solutions that meet their requirements.

Sustainability is not just a trend for us; it is a deeply rooted value.

We believe in the responsibility we have towards our environment and future generations. Therefore, we actively advocate for eco-friendly production practices, minimize waste, and continuously seek ways to improve our ecological footprint.

We look forward to a promising future where we will continue our mission to produce top-notch rigid paper cores and fulfill our responsibility to both humanity and the environment.

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