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  • Inner diameter: 15mm to 330mm 
  • Wall thickness: up to 25mm 
  • Length: up to 6,500mm 
  • Plastic and paper caps available
  •  Optional printed outer and inner layers - e.g. Your logo

Shipping sleeve & protective sleeve


Shipping sleeves & protective sleeves from Herbster

Whether it's construction plans, posters, plastic profiles, pictures, or calendars, at Herbster, you'll find the perfect packaging solution. Our heavy-duty paper tubes and shipping tubes provide optimal protection for your product during transportation. Utilize the sleeve for advertising purposes and customize it with a personalized outer and/or inner layer to showcase your brand and make your products stand out.


  • Secure protection due to high stability
  • Easy closure with lids
  • Longevity through adherence to the highest quality standards

Storage: The shipping tubes should be stored in their packaging, protected from light exposure, and at a temperature between +15°C and +25°C. The relative humidity should be maintained at 50%.

Up to 100% recyclable paper

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