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  • Spiral-wound tubes: Inner diameter: 40mm to 120mm
  • Conical tubes - Taper: 9°15‘; 5°57‘; 4°20‘; 3°30‘; 1°50‘
  • Wall thickness: up to 10mm
  • Length: 57mm to 440mm
  • Optional reinforced and printed outer and inner layers
  • Variety of different colors, color combinations, and qualities
  • Conical tubes with various color codings
  • Customized surface slip properties for specific yarn requirements

Textile tube cores


Textile tube cores from Herbster

As a long-standing partner in the yarn industry, we understand the specific requirements and needs of our customers very well. Our products encompass a wide range of core types, including roll cores, spiral tubes, conical tubes, and winding tubes.

Our goal is to minimize machine downtime, optimize capture rates during automatic changeover processes, reduce waste, and enhance overall efficiency. We place special emphasis on integrating the delivery of our cores seamlessly into the production process (Just-in-Time) to maximize our customers' productivity while optimizing working capital. Additionally, we offer customized solutions to regulate the friction resistance of the tube surface. Our products cover a broad range of core types, including roll cores, spiral tubes, and winding tubes.

Moreover, we prioritize sustainability and environmental compatibility in the manufacturing of our products.


  • Wide color variety of different surface qualities
  • Reduction of thread breaks reduces waste and increases productivity through high-quality surface and edge finishing
  • Optimal unwinding properties through polished and rounded edges/ends with appropriate radii
  • Automatic roll change facilitated by capture and clamping slots

Storage: Textile tubes should be stored in their packaging, protected from light exposure, and at a temperature between +15°C and +25°C. The relative humidity should be maintained at 50%.

Up to 100% recyclable paper

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