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  • Inner diameter: 20mm to 330mm 
  • Wall thickness: up to 25mm 
  • Length: up to 6500mm 
  • Various qualities according to customer requirements

Hard paper sleeve & paper tube


Hard paper sleeves & paper tubes from Herbster 

Our tubes (paper tube, heavy-duty paper tube, winding tube, cardboard tube, paper sleeve, spiral tube, shipping tube) and paper cores (cardboard core, heavy-duty cardboard core) are distinguished by their exceptional quality, enabling high rewinding speeds due to their precise construction and stability. Our primary goal is to ensure the process reliability for our customers.

Our wide range of winding tubes includes various diameters, lengths, and thicknesses to meet the diverse requirements of our customers.

Additionally, we place great importance on sustainability and environmental compatibility in the production of our products.


  • Customer-specific quality available through individual consultation
  • No shrinkage due to controlled residual moisture
  • Meets individual customer requirements – nearly any dimensions available
  • Highest web speeds and optimal winding and unwinding properties due to precise execution and high stability
  • Flawless winding from the first layer and reduction of the risk of impressions, wrinkles, and distortion through various surface finishes
  • Radial compression strength withstands the greatest stresses
  • Hygiene compliance, including a hygienic production environment and edges cut to the highest quality standards

Storage: The heavy-duty paper tubes and cores should be stored in their packaging, protected from light exposure, and at a temperature between +15°C and +25°C. The relative humidity should be maintained at 50%.

Up to 100% recyclable paper

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