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Advantage through responsible thinking and action

We perceive sustainability as an ongoing process rather than a static state. On one hand, our long-term economic success is dependent on fulfilling our social and environmental responsibilities. On the other hand, we can only consistently contribute to society and the environment when we demonstrate corresponding economic achievements. As a fourth-generation family business, we aspire to maintain a livable world for future generations. Through various measures and investments, we aim to minimize our carbon footprint and resource consumption. Supporting local initiatives and associations is also our way of fulfilling our social responsibility.

Did you know...

We process materials from renewable raw materials.

Our raw material, cardboard, is made from 98% recycled waste paper.

Closed material cycles and short paths, as well as the recyclability of all our products, are a matter of course for us.

We are also involved in ecological processes such as wastewater treatment or the recycling of paper waste.

Renewable energy generation, both with water and based on photovoltaics, is planned for further expansion. The goal is CO2 neutrality.

Our entire building meets the highest energy standards.

Our paper factory Carl Lenz produces 100% FSC certified cardboard


For years, we have been having our raw materials and end products certified for food safety by an independent institute.


Our specific projects



  • 3310 modules with a total output of 683 KWp

  • Annual production of 877,200 KWH (corresponds to approx. 233 households)

  • CO2 savings – 642 t/yearr

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