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Paper industry

Hard paper tubes for the paper industry

Our tubes (paper tube, hard paper tube, winding tube, cardboard tube, paper sleeve, spiral sleeve, shipping sleeve) and paper cores (cardboard core, hard cardboard core) for the paper industry are characterized by their exceptional quality, allowing for high winding speeds due to their precise construction and stability. Our primary goal is to ensure the process reliability of our customers.

The development of our cores in the paper manufacturing sector is significantly influenced by the specific requirements of our customers. Close collaboration and the use of our cores in our own paper mill have allowed us to incorporate the expertise directly into the development of our cores. These specially designed cores are available to meet a wide range of requirements.

Our wide range of cores and paper tubes includes various diameters, lengths, and strengths to meet the diverse requirements of the paper industry. We offer customized solutions perfectly tailored to the individual needs of our customers. Furthermore, we place great emphasis on sustainability and environmental compatibility in the production of our products.

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Your options and advantages

  • Inner diameter: 70mm to 330mm

  • Wall thickness: up to 25mm

  • Length: up to 6500mm

  • Different qualities depending on customer requirements 

Up to 100% recyclable paper

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