Reliable, personal and cooperative.

We stand "for the reliable core" towards our customers, suppliers, employees and the environment. Sustainable, economical and ecological action for the collective good forms an integral part of our everyday work.

The "Code of Conduct" reflects our claim to act towards everyone according to ethical principles. We personally participate in our environment with great dedication.

We want to impress our customers through our personality, commitment, transparency and a close-knit partnership. Because we know that growth can only be generated through maximum customer satisfaction.

The three-dimensional wall installation (4 x 4 meters) from HERBSTER HÜLSEN comprises 1,160 paper tubes – made by HERBSTER – and hangs in the entrance lobby of the company. This three-dimensional work of art, which consists of a supporting plate, playfully reflects the logo of HERBSTER HÜLSEN. The shapes were produced using digital design tools so that the data were fed in directly into a CAM machine. In this case the supporting plate was easily drilled by a CNC mill in different angles. After the supporting plates were mounted, the tubes were inserted into milled holes. The tubes (tubes for wrapping plastic film). which were not originally developed for design purposes, emphasize the spatially expressed logo design of HERBSTER HÜLSEN.



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D-79650 Schopfheim

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