Fachpack 2022

Dear Fachpack 2022 visitors,

Thank you very much for visiting our stand at this year's Fachpack from 27/09 until 09/29/2022. We are very happy about the interesting and professionally demanding discussions on all three days of the exhibition. In the upcoming weeks we will be happy to work on the topics that have been raised and get back to you.

Your Herbster team

The construction of our new water power plant is moving forward…

The aerial shots of the more than 60 metres long construction site are impressive. The future power house for the turbine is pictured below on the left-hand side. The associated fish ascent and descent is practically completed. On the upper left side of the picture the intake structure is shown. The water of the Wehra is routed through an underground pressure pipe to the turbine via the intake structure. Next up is the work on the weir plant to dam the water of the Wehra. In conclusion with the steel and electrical installation the commissioning of the plant is planned for autumn this year.


We are displaying at this year´s FACHPACK on 27 September to 29 September. Come by.

We are looking forward to having interesting and technically demanding personal conversations at our exhibition stand in hall 9 stand 161.

Your exhibition and sales team from Herbster Hülsen

Every second counts …

A sudden heart failure is the most frequent cause of death in Germany. With about 50% of all patients first experiencing ventricular fibrillation, this can easily be converted to a normal rhythm by defibrillation. Experts say that the chance of surviving ventricular fibrillation sinks 10% with each minute that passes without intervention. That’s why we decided to purchase a defibrillator. 15 members of our staff from all working areas have been trained to use the defibrillator in case of an emergency to provide a quick first aid until the emergency doctor arrives.

Art with paper tubes

Creative and sustainable. A piece of art by artist Andreas Schneider is being displayed in the art gallery Palazzo in Liestal. The artwork contains paper tubes made by Herbster. It’s amazing what can be made out of paper tubes.



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