A leading edge through responsible thoughts and actions

We take our responsibility towards the environment and natural resources very seriously:

  • We process materials from renewable raw materials.
  • Cardboard, our initial product, is frequently produced based on waste paper.
  • Closed material cycles between paper production and processing with short distances, as well as reuse of all our products are self-evident for our company.
  • We are also actively involved in ecological processes such as waste water treatment or the recycling of paper waste.
  • In order to extend our activities, we are planning regenerative energy production using both water and a photovoltaic system. The objective is CO2 neutrality.
  • Our entire building complies with the highest energy standards.

Photovoltaic Project

  • 1,018 modules with a total output of 217 KWp
  • Annual production of 206,200 KWH – this corresponds to the supply of around 55 households
  • CO2 savings – 151 tonnes per annum

Borax-Free Gluing Project

  • Borax-free substitute product: Lilinal
  • Dextrin-based adhesive system
  • High strength and dimensional stability
  • Short setting times
  • Basis of Emdex1480 and Gilunal A

Lighting Project: (LUMILUX SKYWHITE)

  • Light color 880 – this corresponds to a color temperature of 8,000 K
  • Fluorescent lamps emit a high "blue" light content – daylight atmosphere
  • High-contrast, low eye fatigue
  • > 30% energy savings

Man-Robot Cooperation Project


  • Six axes with radii of 360°
  • Max. speed up to 10.5 rad/s
  • Carrying weight up to 20 kg
  • Position repetition accuracy ± 0.06 m



Hohe-Flum-Straße 58
D-79650 Schopfheim
Phone +49 (0) 76 22 68 71-0