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We understand sustainability as a continuous process and not as a state. It is clear to us that we can only speak of an economically successful, ecologically and socially effective sustainability concept if it is based on an integrating approach. For us, this means that the topic is implemented operationally both in the core business and in all organizational areas in the company. As company owners and managing directors, we take the responsibility for operational sustainability management in our company.


  • We process materials from renewable raw materials.
  • Cardboard, our initial product, is frequently produced based on waste paper.
  • Closed material cycles between paper production and processing with short distances, as well as reuse of all our products are self-evident for our company.
  • We are also actively involved in ecological processes such as waste water treatment or the recycling of paper waste.
  • In order to extend our activities, we are planning regenerative energy production using both water and a photovoltaic system. The objective is CO2 neutrality.
  • Our entire building complies with the highest energy standards.

Photovoltaic Project

  • 1,018 modules with a total output of 217 KWp
  • Annual production of 206,200 KWH – this corresponds to the supply of around 55 households
  • CO2 savings – 151 tonnes per annum

Borax-Free Gluing Project

  • Borax-free substitute product: Lilinal
  • Dextrin-based adhesive system
  • High strength and dimensional stability
  • Short setting times
  • Basis of Emdex1480 and Gilunal A

Lighting Project: (LUMILUX SKYWHITE)

  • Light color 880 – this corresponds to a color temperature of 8,000 K
  • Fluorescent lamps emit a high "blue" light content – daylight atmosphere
  • High-contrast, low eye fatigue
  • > 30% energy savings

Man-Robot Cooperation Project

  • Six axes with radii of 360°
  • Max. speed up to 10.5 rad/s
  • Carrying weight up to 20 kg
  • Position repetition accuracy ± 0.06 m


  • 2018 last expansion to optimize the readiness for delivery for our cores in a future-oriented way and to create modern workplaces for our employees
  • Extension meets high ecological and energetic requirements
  • The entire building complex meets energy efficiency standard 100, i.e. the existing structure has also been modernized accordingly

Honey plant

  • Together with the “Bienenfreunde Wiesental” and the project “Blühender Naturpark Südschwarzwald”, we implemented a bee project on 400 m² of grassland on our company’s premises at the suggestion of our employees
  • With a variety of bee-friendly flowers and our own bee colony, we try to make a small contribution to our biodiversity


  • Today several hydropower plants generate approx. 700,000 kWh of electricity per year - this corresponds to a supply of approx. 190 households (saving CO2 50 t / year)
  • A new hydropower plant with an output of approx. 800,000 kWh is currently being built to replace the three existing ones
  • With a fish ascent and descent and the elimination of a 1.6 km long channel, it is a great ecological benefit




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D-79650 Schopfheim

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