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HERBSTER HÜLSEN is your solution provider when it comes to spiral-wound cardboard tubes, spiral-wound cores for the textile and chemical fiber industries, spiral-wound rings and parallel-wound cores and tubes for packaging and shipping. We supply reliable and high-quality solutions in the area of conical cross-winding tubes as well as winding cores for innovative special solutions. The objective of all our efforts is to provide a correct, reliable and customer-friendly product solution in the area of core and tube production. This solution will enable customers to organize their production and finishing processes securely, reliably and promptly.

We work to attain this objective on the basis of partnership and trust. Every industry has its own special characteristics. We are aware of this fact. We therefore always endeavor to tackle the challenges through the use of specific know-how.


Through our understanding of the specific task and the application of a goal-oriented approach, we impress our customers in finding the right solution.

Even before the European Chemical Agency (ECHA) classified boric acids, borax and borate as CMR substances (carcinogenic, mutagenic and reprorotoxic) with the 30th ATP (Adaption to Technical Process), we realized that the use of borax as an additive to control rheology, stability and adhesive properties had no future.

The requirements for a substitute material were clear: no inferior performance during bonding, highest environmental compatibility, high thermal stability and positive attributes in regard to wet bonding strength and film hardness. We worked on the continued development of the project in cooperation with the Zurich University of Applied Sciences.


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